BORA CKI Classic Induction Glass Ceramic Cooktop with 2 Cooking Zones

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Product Description



Oversized 4 24 Cooking Surface

  • Thanks to controls that do not restrict the cooking area and the optimum arrangement and size of the cooking zones, there is room for 2 large pots (up to 24 cm) one behind the other.

Variable Heat Retention Function

  • 3 heat retention levels with constant temperature control at 42, 74 or 94°C.

Childproofing Feature

  • The child safety lock prevents the cooktop from being switched on unintentionally or without permission.

Cooking Zone Timers

  • The automatic cut-off automatically switches off the selected cooking zone after a preset time.


  • After a time set by the user, the timer triggers a visual and acoustic signal.

Pause Function

  • With the pause function, all cooking zones can be quickly and easily deactivated temporarily. When the function is cancelled, the previous settings are restored.

Demo Mode

  • The appliance can be set to demo mode via the settings menu, which provides all operating functions, however, the heating function of the cooktops is deactivated.

Automatic Heat Up Function

  • When the automatic heat up function is activated, the cooking zone works for a certain length of time at full power and is then automatically restored to the continuous cooking level set.

Pan Size Recognition

  • The cooking zone automatically detects the size of the cookware and directs the energy at that particular area. It also detects when there is no cookware or if cookware is unsuitable or too small and activates a corresponding indicator on the controls.

Residual Heat Display

  • The residual heat display detects when the cooking zone is still hot after switching off and if there is a risk of burning or fire when heat-sensitive objects are placed on it. The indicator goes out after the sufficient cooling time (temperature < 60°C).


  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum power consumption: 3.68 kW
  • Supply voltage: 220 – 240 V
  • Maximum power rating: 3.68 kW
  • Minimum fuse protection: 1 x 16 A
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 327 x 515 x 58 mm
  • Weight (incl. accessories/packaging): 7.6 kg
  • Surface material: SCHOTT CERAN®


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