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Dimplex DCEVP20W 20L Evaporative Cooler

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Product Description

The eco-friendly, healthy and cost effective solution to keep cool this Summer. Utilising a natural process involving motion and the evaporation of water to cool down the air, also providing for cleaner air with the added benefit of filtering dust particles into its 20-litre removable water tank. Conveniently fill the water tank from the top without removing. Features an auto shut off after 15 hours of continuous operation. In arid and dry areas of Australia, evaporative coolers not only work at its most effective, but will also naturally humidify the air - reducing dry air symptoms associated with other cooling methods like itchy eyes, throat or skin.

  • Auto Swing Function
  • 3 Modes - Natural, Normal and Sleep
  • Room Size up to 40m2
  • 2 year domestic Warranty

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