Pork sausages on polenta

    My Kitchen Drools with pork sausages on polenta cooked in a Gr8 appliance from 8 Appliances.

    Black olives

    My Kitchen Drools - black olives such an addiction and arranged perfectly. Another great dish cooked in a Gr8 appliance from 8 Appliances

    Vegetarian rice omelet

    My Kitchen Drools - vegetarian rice omelet absolutely delicious cooked in a Gr8 appliance from 8 Appliances

    Friday snack time with a glass of wine

    MY Kitchen Drools - snack time with a glass of wine. A good way to enjoy a Friday evening, after a long week at work. Remember you must make time to relax and chill. Your life must be balanced, relaxation and play is just as important. It makes you appreciate your life more.

    Great way to get a beverage energy drink from a Vitamix

    My Kitchen Drools - now i know where i get all my energy from. It is from our early morning smoothie made in the Vitamix. What a fantastic & Gr8 appliance to have from 8 Appliances

    My Kitchen Drools with porridge

    My Kitchen Drools - Nothing better to start the morning with some hot porridge cooked with cinnamon and mashed pears topped with bananas, yogurt, ground linseed almond and sunflower seed, and honey. Another Gr8 Appliance at 8 Appliances

    The Italian Way

    Nothing beats a simple and tasty lunch the Italian way! !!