Abey D100R Signus Schock Inset Stone Sink Abey D100R Signus Schock Inset Stone Sink
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Abey D100R Signus Schock Inset Stone Sink

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Product Description


Abey D100R Schock Single Bowl And Single Drainer

Overall Size: 860mm x 500mm (bowl depth 195mm)

  • Stunning crisp lines
  • Silky smooth finish
  • German engineered
  • Offers exceptional strength and durability
  • Stain resistance and inert
  • 25mm Radius Bowls
  • Bowl Capacity: 23 Litres
  • With stylish overflow hole
  • Taphole Optional


  • Filler: 66% microfine quarz sand (about 0,03- 0,3mm)
  • Glossy surface
  • Colour purity
  • Unbeatable easy to clean
  • Binder: 15,5% high-quality, highly networked acryl
  • Glossy surface and dirt repellent effect
  • Other ingredients: 12,5% colour paste (Colour purity)
  • Approximately 6% other ingredients
  • Dirt repellent effect

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